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[ May 22nd @ 7:49am ]
I have such a wonderful boyfriend :]

♥elijah toy *
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=D [ April 30th @ 12:28pm ]
[ mood | happy ]

soo friday was my birthday, and after school i went home, cleaned, got ready then shea showed up and then we went to eat at Applebee's. ugh we waited there forever! it sucked. then elijah and snakey came! butt while we finished eatin they went to wal mart to get a movie. then we all went back to my house and watched it. well i really didn't watch it. but thats okay =] . Hmm, then later at like around 2 in the morning, elijah and snakey left! . then me and shea went to sleep!

saturday; totally sucked!

Sunday ; sucked also! =(

Today; came to school. and yeah lol =]

buttt, overall my weekend was goood.. just friday though cause it was my birthday &&& me + elijah started dating . yesh =] *

but noww im gonna go and wait for the bell to ring to go to Art class! =D

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YAY! =] [ April 27th @ 12:29pm ]
[ mood | excited ]


Yepp, im big 17 today. lol =]

love you guyss!
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Daanngg [ April 24th @ 8:04pm ]
Shiiiit, its been forever since i've updated this..
no one uses this shit anymore. butt i think i might. just depends.

nothing really has been going on for me... im always with my sheababy!. wooo i love her.
anddd yeah. idk.
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[ May 22nd @ 10:39am ]
[ mood | excited ]

summer break has begun!! - this is probably gonna be a sucky update. so im sorrry =(

Hmm, Saturday i had to go to school at 10 to do my last exam so i did. .and i left with kaila at 12 - - . we went and got food and then went to her house.. we really didn't do anything.. then we got ready and went out to the store and stuff with her dad. . and then we went back to her house and then we decided to go out .. so we got ready and we left.. we went to wal-mart and we talked to Sabrena! welll she walked around with us the whole time she was there. and then we went to Quizno's. mmm it was really good. haha - then we went back to wal-mart and walked around and then i seen MARY. i freaking love her!!. so she walked with us for a little bit too =) . it was funn!.. then someone got there and she got in a pissed/sad mood. . damnn guys can be assholes. . . but anyways .. i also seen Haven there. who i haven't seen since like basketball season. makes me sad ... and i seen alot of other people..hmm.. but anyways toe took me and kaila home.. and we umm went to bed ..

Sunday i was soo effin ' sick.. so yeah i slept til 3:30 .. and umm we got ready whenever i woke up and we left.. we had to go to Pound to get Strouth and then we went up in wise where i seen freaking EMILY DANIELLE MULLINS! ; whom i love dearly .. so i talked to her for a few minutes then she left =( .. awh then we went back to kaila's house then they took me to my sister's house.. then she took me and met up with my uncle and cousin's .. we laid in the tanning bed and then we came by my house, then we went to my cousin's house.. and umm yeahh . . . we talked on here and stuff. and we watched tv. and umm went to bed -

today, i just now got home from my cousin's house and i decided to update =) . yay *

I do believe later on, im going back to my cousin's house.. but im not totally for sure yet. hm, thats something i need to figure out -

but im gonna go and talk to YaChang =)

leave me some if you wantt *
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gotta do this [ January 22nd @ 6:56pm ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

FRIENDS CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you wanna stay on my friends list then you better comment on this.. you have til the weekend or your ass is cut!!!!!!!!


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FrIeNdS oNlY! [ August 29th @ 7:38pm ]
[ mood | blah ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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